RV Storage Services in Penticton

A Safe RV Storage Depot

Depending on where you live, it can be very difficult to park your RV. You may be facing parking fines, taking up too much space, or getting grief from neighbors. But you don’t have to get rid of your RV when there is an affordable RV and trailer storage option in Penticton, BC. In addition to premium self-storage, we offer safe RV storage here at Complete Storage. Park your RV in one of our spacious spots and have it monitored 24/7! Our spots can accommodate the biggest recreational vehicles. Complete Storage is here for all your RV and car storage needs. Check availability today!

RV Storage Services by Complete Storage in Penticton, BC

The Benefits of Our RV Storage Service

What makes Complete Storage the best option for RV storage in Penticton, BC? Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers bring their RVs to us:


l  Secure Facility - If you’re looking for a safe RV storage facility in Penticton, BC, you will find it here at Complete Storage. Our spots are monitored around the clock every day of the week. We use modern digital video surveillance that covers every inch of our facility.

l  Month-to-Month Rentals - We know your situation can change at any moment. That’s why we offer month-to-month rentals.

l  Convenient Access - We offer drive-up access for our RV spots, and our gate hours are 6AM to 11PM, Monday through Sunday, so you can access your RV on your schedule.


In addition, Complete Storage offers multiple storage options. While common RV storage sizes top out at 40 feet, we have extra-long spaces that can accommodate 45 foot RVs and vehicles. We also have smaller spots for trailers, cars, and boats. We can easily accommodate vehicles between 25 and 45 feet here at Complete Storage.

How RV Storage Works

We make RV storage as simple as possible. You may have experienced complications and stressful storage with other facilities, but that’s not what you get here at Complete Storage. The process couldn’t be simpler:


l  Choose Your Spot - Call us or check availability online and choose the size spot you want.

l  Drop Off Your Vehicle - Park your vehicle securely in your assigned spot and receive access to the gate.

l  Manage Your Rental - Easily manage your rental and make payments using our convenient online portal.

l  Pay Month-to-Month - We offer long and short-term RV storage, including month-to-month leases.

Tips for Storing Your RV

There are some general rules you should follow for long-term RV storage:


l  Check for mice and other pests before storage. If you find pests, have them removed to prevent damage.

l  Remove all valuables from the RV.

l  Remove all food items from the RV.

l  Disconnect your battery and store it in a safe place.

l  Use DampRid to help remove excess moisture from the air inside your RV.

l  Cover up access points that rodents may use to get into your RV while it’s idle in storage.

l  Cover up the tires to protect them from UV damage.

l  Make sure all interior lights and appliances are off. If appliances or other electrical components in your RV run off of a separate battery, disconnect it.

Contact Complete Storage for RV Storage

Our RV storage at Complete Storage affords our customers peace of mind. When you store your RV, boat, trailer, or other vehicle with us, it will be watched over at all times. We have an excellent track record for safety, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicles are secure. Contact us for RV storage service today!