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Our team at Complete Storage is proud to offer convenient, hassle-free storage for our customers and community in Penticton, BC. We provide comprehensive storage services, including self-storage, RV storage, and boat storage. Our storage units are accessible, clean, secure, and ready to rent. If you're looking for storage options that you can rely on to store your boat, our facility is among the most affordable and secure options in the area.

Boat storage services in Penticton, BC

Why Choose Self-Storage for Your Boat?

Self-storage for your boat is a great option, especially since your boat might just be taking up space at home half the year. Here at Complete Storage, we offer convenient and affordable self-storage services so you can easily access your boat while still saving space at home. When you choose our boat storage facility, you will experience the following benefits:
  • Save space at home
  • Keep your boat accessible
  • Affordable pricing

Boat Storage Facilities

Boat storage facilities are becoming very popular for boat owners, especially those without a lot of space to store their boat at home. There are many options for boat storage, so it's important to find the boat storage facility that will best fit your needs. Here at Complete Storage, we provide three options so you can find the best spot for your boat. Our boat storage spaces include 25’x12’, 35’x12’, and 45’x12’ options.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Various Boat Storage Options

With so many boat storage options available, knowing which is the best one for you can be difficult. Boat storage options include the following:
  • Slip Holders – Slip holders are for boats stored in the water year-round. This can be useful, especially if pulling the boat from the water proves difficult or cumbersome, but the disadvantages are high-risk. The marina has an agitator that keeps water moving to avoid freezing. If the marina loses power, the agitator will stop working, and the water can freeze. The resulting ice can severely damage your boat. 
  • Dry Boat Storage – Dry boat storage is a popular option among boat owners, especially for those living in areas with harsh winters. This provides the many benefits of storing your boat in a marina while avoiding possible damage from ice. 
  • Outdoor Boat Storage – Outdoor boat storage comes with several advantages, including affordability and availability. Your boat can even be stored on your trailer for additional convenience. With outdoor boat storage, security is a factor to consider. When choosing an outdoor boat storage facility, be sure to find one that has security measures such as fences, locks, and a security/video system. 

How to Prep Your Boat for Storage

There are certain steps you should take to prepare your boat for storage. This will ensure that your boat stays in shape during the winter. The winter months can cause corrosion or water damage, so following these steps can help protect your boat.
The interior of your boat needs to be deep cleaned before being placed in storage. This checklist can ensure you thoroughly clean the interior of your boat:
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down
  • Remove unnecessary fabric or canvas
  • Place moisture absorbents throughout the cabin
  • Remove unnecessary items such as electronics, toys, food, or personal items
Next, you’ll need to clean the exterior of your boat to ensure it can withstand the elements:
  • Wash freshwater residue away
  • Wax the entire boat
  • Cover the exposed interior with a protective cover and secure
Lastly, you’ll want to take great care of your engine. This is a crucial step to ensure you don't need to purchase a new engine next spring. Perform the following steps:
  • Flush the engine
  • Flush the coolant system
  • Replace any coolant with antifreeze
  • Change the fuel
  • Change the oil
  • Change any filters
  • Read owner's manual for any other necessary precautions

Boat Storage Costs

While boat storage costs can vary widely, two main factors will affect the price you pay for boat storage: the size of your boat and your location. With a larger boat, you will have to pay for a larger boat storage space, which will cost more. Location affects boat storage cost because these costs usually reflect the local economy. If you are in an area with a low cost of living, you'll spend less.
For help deciding which storage option is best for you, or for storage availability, contact our team today! 

FAQs on Storage for Boats

How do I wrap a boat for winter storage? 
The best and most efficient way to wrap a boat is to hire a boating shrink-wrap professional. Another method is the blue tarp method, but this method isn’t nearly as effective as shrink-wrapping. 

What is dry storage for boats?
Dry boat storage is any method that doesn't involve keeping the boat in the water year-round. 

What kind of documentation do I need to rent a space at a boat storage facility?
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Vehicle information
  • Vehicle/vessel proof of registration
  • Proof of insurance
Do I need to sign a long-term lease? 
We rent month-to-month unless otherwise requested by the boat owner.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers in Penticton, BC, love our service here at Complete Storage because of the following benefits:
  • Convenient Hours – With our convenient hours, you can access your boat from 6 am to 11 pm. 
  • Clean Units – We take pride in our immaculately clean units. 
  • Friendly Customer Service – Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the storage unit that perfectly meets your needs. 
At Complete Storage, we are proud to offer different storage options for boats of all shapes and sizes. Contact our team to ask questions or to enquire about our availability. You can also check out our available units to find the perfect fit for you.